FH Programming - Nov 19 -24

You’ll notice that over the course of the next 2 months that your training is taking on a different tone and we want to explain why.


Crossfit as a fitness methodology was founded on the principle that performing functional movements at high intensity was what you needed to “get fit”, and although that can be true it’s not a very good strategy for a long and healthy training life. Every once in a while we need to deload and strengthen our base. With that in mind, our next training phase will be centred around increasing your Aerobic Capacity, or your bodies ability to SUSTAIN pace using various implements over various time domains. This should have a positive effect on you overall fitness and health so that we can ramp it up once again in preparation for The Open in February.



E5MOM x 5

24/18 Cal Row

18 DB Snatch 50/35

12 Burpee Box Jump

Repeatable efforts. If incapable of maintaining reps throughout scale down to something manageable. You should feel strong going into the final round.




Back Squat @ 32X1

4x4, Climbing

Rest 2 mins


- then -




DB Reverse Drop Lunge @30X1

6/side, Rest 30 seconds


Chin Ups @ 31X2

3x5, Rest 30 seconds


Banded Push Ups

3xMAX, Rest 90 seconds



10 Rounds @ Sustainable Pace


5 Squat Cleans 135/95

6 C2B Pull-ups

7 KBS 72/53

Rest 90s btw rounds. 30 min CAP




Strict Press

5,5,4,3, Climbing. Rest 2 mins btw sets

- then -



Alternating DB Bench Press @30X0, Hold 1 DB at full extension at all times

3x4-6/side, Rest 30 seconds


DB Bent Over Row @ 20X1

3x8-10, Rest 90 seconds



10 Min Flow

2 Length KB Front Rack Walk

6-10 Strict T2B

2 Wall Walks

6 Ring Rows



Back Squat

15 mins to build to a heavy single for the day. NOT MAX.


6 Rounds @ Sustainable Pace

10 Hang Power Cleans 115/75

40 Double Unders

6 Box Jump Overs 30/24”

15 Wall Balls

Rest 90 seconds btw rounds. Record times. Show repeatable efforts. This is not threshold training. Remember what we’re trying to accomplish. 25 min CAP.



Partner WOD. You go, I go style


2 DB Hang Clean and Jerks 50/35 (1 DB in each hand)

2 Burpees

4 DB Hang Clean and Jerks 50/35

4 Burpees

6 DB Hang Clean and Jerks 50/35

6 Burpees

8 DB Hang Clean and Jerks 50/35

8 Burpees


Each partner completes the round of 2 before moving on to the round of 4, then 6, and so on. Continue in this fashion until the your time is up.


Rest 10 mins, then…



2 DB Deadlifts 50/35

2 Sit Ups

4 DB Deadlifts 50/35

4 Sit Ups

6 DB Deadlifts 50/35

6 Sit Ups


Same rules apply.